Hatch Briefcase – $175

100% Top-Grain Leather. We strongly believe that top-grain leather is the proper tier of leather for a professionalist bag. Although full-grain is widely regarded as the best leather, with full-grain you get blemishes and marks – which are not fashionable.

A Symbol of Success. The bag you carry tells the world who you are. A briefcase is the traditional carry for a business man. It exudes professionalism, taste, and masculinity. It’s hard not to take someone seriously when they are carrying a briefcase.

A Luxurious Hatch. We drew inspiration from WWII era bags when creating our opening mechanism. Our briefcase is the first briefcase to open and close with a hatch like this. It’s a much more decadent approach to bag design, producing far more build quality.

Exquisitely Made. Every last detail of the design was carefully planned and considered. Countless materials were tried and tested until we found the perfect match. Our briefcases are all “factory-to-wardrobe”. We’ve cut out the middlemen & luxury markup.